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Dr. Schachter provides many services to help patients find relief from dry eye and other conditions, including:

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light): Is a procedure that targets ocular rosacea, dry eye disease, and meibomian gland dysfunction. Treatment consists of pulses of light from ear to ear. Typically four sessions are scheduled two to four weeks apart with a maintenance treatment every six months.
  • iLux®: The iLux® System allows eye care professionals to provide safe, effective treatment using localized heat and compression therapy. This system safely applies a light based heat to your eyelid to melt the meibum. Then it will lightly compress your eyelid to express the melted meibum from the glands. This procedure can be scheduled at any time with maintenance treatments once a year.
  • Tearcare®: The TearCare® System is a medical device used by an eyecare provider to deliver consistent and adjustable thermal energy to the Meibomian glands. Unlike other “closed-eye” energy based-systems, TearCare® System provides patients with complete open-eye functionality throughout the entire in-office procedure.
  • TrueTear®: TrueTear® causes your eyes to produce their own natural tears using tiny pulses of energy. These pulses activate a natural response through a clever technology called neurostimulation. The TrueTear® tip stimulates a nerve in the nasal cavity with tiny pulses of energy, sending out nerve signals to the brain. The brain then sends nerve signals to the tear glands surrounding the eyes to temporarily increase tear production. The glands surrounding the eyes react and temporarily produce real tears.
  • Zocukit®: Zocular® is the first and only company to pioneer the use of a refined extract of Abelmoschus esculentus (aka Hibiscus esculentus), commonly known as okra, for your eyes and face in its products. Zocular products contain our unique okra-infused Zocusome micelles that gently lift and clear the oil, debris, and residue on your eyelid margins to make your eyes and skin appear more natural and healthy. The Zocukit procedure is a clinically effective in-office procedure performed by your eye doctor to remove the residue and debris from your eyelid. No anesthetic or tea tree oil oil that can burn your eyes is used. Experience the power of the okra-based Zokrex platform for your eyes.
  • Lipiflow: Lipiflow is a new procedure designed to treat the root cause of Evaporative Dry Eye: blocked Meibomian glands. Opening and clearing these blocked glands can allow them to resume natural production of lipids (oils) needed for a healthy tear film.
  • Blephex: BlephEx® is a painless in-office procedure performed by your eyecare professional. A revolutionary new patented BlephEx® handpiece is used to very precisely and carefully, spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes, removing scurf and debris and exfoliating your eyelids.
  • Demodex Treatment: Along with several colleagues, Dr. Schachter has developed a technique to get demodex infestations under control. This in-office procedure uses tea tree oil to eliminate demodex.
  • Lid Debridement: this in-office procedure is aimed at removing any blockages from the meibomian glands. Dr. Schachter will gently exfoliate the eyelids with a small tool. Research shows that this treatment alone improves dryness within one month.